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Next installment of my saga… (part two)

Zen I created in January 2010
May 23, 2010 – So now we are finally home thinking we have a quiet day ahead of us – it was not to be – I finally turned on my computer (for the first time in a week) and logged into Facebook to find a message from a very dear friend’s husband stating that “Rosie’s Light is Fading... We are looking for a miracle.” My heart stopped. We dressed and rushed over there to see her and the family.

A bit of background – Rosie and I went to college together, (way back when). A year ago in August, she was diagnosed with lung cancer and fought a very courageous battle. She, they had a great support system.

I was able to sit with her for a bit and was able to talk to her, I think she was listening but she was not responding. I felt better for going but it is very sad. They have three daughters 15, 13 and 10.

The week was OK except that I got some kind of stomach virus and was down for the count for three days.

One of my favorite Butterfly ATCs
On the following Saturday we were able to workout – when we got back in the car Scott had a very garbled message on his phone from Ben (Rosie’s husband) it sounded like we needed to get there as soon as possible. Not good – we did get there, after going home to shower and change. Hospice has been called and they had set up a hospital bed in the living room for her. I sat with her for a long time; the only thing that she is ingesting is ice chips, so I was happy to help with that. Later in the evening she actually asked for some ice cream. I was glad that we were able to be there because on Sunday evening, Scott got sick and on Monday at 7:00am we were on our way to the hospital, and there he stayed until Thursday at 9:00pm. I actually got in a full day at the office on Friday. We had a fairly quiet weekend – cleaning and getting stuff done.

The week started alright – my niece Emma turned 20 – I actually remembered to call and wish her a very happy birthday. It was also her parent’s anniversary so I was able to speak to both of them and wish them a very happy day. I worked a full day and even got to the gym after work – wow maybe things are getting back to normal – shocking… Whatever will happen next?!?

Tuesday – June 8 – on my way to work I received a call from Ben that Rosie had passed away a couple of hours earlier. I told him how very sorry I was and asked what he needed from me, I let him know what Scott and I would stop by this evening… Did I mention that I work with Ben? I knew that a few of our clients needed to be called and that I would take care of that, there are a couple people that I had promised to keep informed of Rosie’s progress. The week was filled with a lot of back and forth between the office and his home, as well as, helping with arrangements when and where I could. It was a very busy week. Rosie's Obit

On Sunday we headed out early again. We went to see Scott’s family – his dad is still in the area, so we spent the day with his family on the south side of Chicago, at least we didn’t have to drive all the way to Kankakee. We had a very nice visit with his family and were home before 10pm – I haven’t done that for over a week.

I have to start thinking about getting back into the garage/lockup to get that project back on track. I did a lot of organizing in the garage – going through boxes/bins and tossing what needed to be tossed, and resorting what needs to be kept and giving away EVERYTHING else, that mostly means that it went to the library as most of the boxes that we hauled out of the storage unit were books/magazines. I think that I am keeping between one-quarter and one-third of the “Stuff” that I had been saving. I’m feeling pretty good about what I’ve done. I do have some help schlepping stuff from the storage unit to the garage and to the library and back to the storage unit, and all I have to do is feed him. It’s a wonderful thing, and it saves my husband from getting in trouble with me by asking why do you have…
He lets Trevore nudge me into getting rid of stuff – “Do you really need to save that?” “When do you think you will use that?” “Why did you keep that?” “How many xxx do you think you really need??” He does make me laugh; where Scott would just get in trouble for asking the same things! That was very smart of him – having me ask Trevore to help me with this project. To be fair, Scott does help with the moving of the boxes from the truck to the garage and then helping with driving the full truck to the library or Goodwill. I believe we have brought 6 full truckloads (I drive a 1999 GMC Yukon) to donation locations.

I created this one the day my Dad Passed

Next installment – We have to start clearing out my Dad’s house….

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  1. Gosh what a hectic and upsetting period you're going through. I hope your zentangling has helped to de-stress you somewhat. All your tangle designs are absolutely awesome. WTG! Hugs and Blessings, Mo