Monday, May 02, 2011

Zentangle For Nick and Jes Days 1-4

Day One - J&N in pencil

I started another large tangle - 14x17 - This one is for my nephew and his wife I started by creating their initials with my Cricut® J&N. For this one I thought that I would put them in the upper Right hand corner of the image. It's difficult to see it in this picture, I traced the cut out in pencil. Then I drew grid lines around the page.  After I got all done with that I decided I didn't like the way the grids were so I tossed that one and started over.  I liked my second attempt so I stared drawing the tangles - I was NOT pleased with the result of those tangles so I tossed that one and started all over again. You know what they say... Threes a Charm, I think I'll keep this one.

Day two

This is what I accomplished on my second night of drawing. As this is being done in my evenings after work, working-out and then dinner and clean-up I didn't get as much done as I would have liked.

Full Right side of Image

This was a good weekend for drawing!  I worked on my drawing a bunch during the weekend - that is between all the other "stuff" that I had going on. The image to the left is of the right side of the drawing.  The images below are close-ups of this side of the page.

Close-up of the right side.
Basically that is what I worked on this past weekend.


  1. So thrilled you have started another of your fabulous wall art tangles have missed seeing your inspiring style and flair. This is set to be another stunning piece. XOXO Zoe

  2. I've enjoyed looking through your blog. I am new to Zentangle and have much to learn. Your Zentangles are fantastic!