Sunday, December 01, 2013

2013 Winter Art Shows

To say that life has been interesting this year is an understatement!

A couple of friends of mine talked me into doing a few craft shows this past fall. And for some strange reason I did it!

My first show was at the end of September. The event was called Hitz Pizza and Sports Bar presents: Artisans, Artists, Music and More

The show was outside and thankfully the weather was beautiful. Too bad there wasn't a lot of traffic for the show.

My friend Ellie loaned me the bookcase and table. It was a learning experience.

My second show was in early November - Holiday Shopping Extravaganza - Lake Villa, IL Middle School. 

 I shared the booth. After the first show I did purchase 4' long tables and a bookcase to display my framed art.

My friend Alice helped me get everything together and worked the show with me. I was glad to have someone to talk with!  I'm still not crazy about the plastic bins to show my cards but that is what I have for now.

The show was not really a good place for my art but again it was a learning experience.

The last show of the season was at the Gingerbread House Bazaar, at The Faith Lutheran Church in Arlington Heights, IL

Yup, another learning experience.

When I asked the coordinators about what was included in the fees I was told that an 8' x 2' table that will be covered and two chairs would be available for my use. Great! One less thing I have to worry about - tablecloths. Boy was I wrong - it meant that the table would be covered with a plastic tablecloth. Live and learn.

I did bring my book case so that I could display my framed art.

I still have the plastic bins that I have most of the greeting cards in. I supplemented the plastic bins with some wicker baskets and had my iPad with my slideshow of my images.

More people actually looked at my art which was a wonderful feeling. And I had a few people stop to ask questions - more than at the other shows.

What did I learn from my shows?

  1. Make sure the show is well advertised 
  2. Understand what a "covered" table means 
  3. My displays have to be "polished" 
  4. The shows that I really need to exhibit in should be more of an "art" show 
  5. I'm sure that there are other things that I have learned but I can't think them.

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