Saturday, January 29, 2011

Progress on my Zentangle

Top half of the image (didn't work on this part this week)
Bottom half of the image (the part I worked on this week)

Progress on my Zentangle for my husband. I wasn't able to work much on my tangle this week but I did get some work accomplished on the bottom portion.  I added the Ixrous after I am the Diva posted her 6th challenge on her blog. I haven't added any of my images to her Challenges yet but I have been working on them. I even created a book to put them in so that I didn't have to keep looking for it I used my Cricut and cut out a title for the book. I haven't finished the cover but since I carry it with me I will work on it as I can.  The book is 8.5 x 6 with a heavy weight paper (it didn't say on the package what paper it is) but it's nice to draw on. The pen glides more than skips on the page.

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