Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Some of the Stuff I've Been Working On

I've been working on a few things the past six weeks. One thing was making quite a few graduation cards. 

This is one of the cards that I made.  My husband said that it was a good thing that all of the graduates that I had to make cards for were girls!  I thought that they came out well - I didn't want to put anything on the site until I delivered all of the cards.  I still have one to deliver but that's alright.

I have also been making birthday and wedding cards. I gave all the girls birthday cards as gifts for their graduation, assuming that they could use those.

Here are a few of the cards that I gave away.

I have some other images that I've done but I haven't scanned them in yet.
I haven't been drawing a lot lately and I am really feeling the "bug" to do some more. Now I just have to find the time to sit and actually put the pen to paper.

I tried to do a few things last night but didn't like anything that I came up with.

The Celebrate! and Congratulations were cut on my Die-Cut machine using Make-the-Cut Software.


  1. Have so missed your tangles & you great to see you are still rocking the micron pens. Love all of these the cakes are brill. XOXO Zoe

  2. Your cards are so creative I especially like the cap and gown.

  3. Thank you both very much for the kind words! The cap was difficult for me to do as I didn't know how I really wanted it to look. The gown was fun to work on.